Thursday, November 3, 2011

The White Halloween

You may laugh at me, but I think that what was truly supernatural, was the snow storm we had in New York this weekend.  Worse, the snow didn’t melt, but happily sat on backyards, roses that still bloomed and fig trees that still carried fruit. I can only imagine how freaked out were the poor unpicked pumpkins in their patches. In New Jersey, people still don’t have Internet and some still don’t have power. I called it White Halloween, but the outcomes of the freaky fluke of nature wasn’t that pretty.

The heavy wet snow fell on trees that had their foliage, breaking off branches worse than a hundred miles an hour wind. 

Because of the fallen trees, obstructed roads and torn wires, the State of Connecticut declared an emergency and a dozen Massachusetts towns postponed Halloween celebrations. So did some 20 Connecticut cities and towns, including the capital city of Hartford because “no amount of candy was worth a potentially serious or even fatal accident,” said their governor. Wait till you hear the damage math.

The snow might’ve held the ghosts in place, but it surely made the freakiest Halloween in history. Here it is in pictures.

Dude, what's happening? I've never seen this before.
Hey, Ghosty, you look cold.
Help! I am NOT a Snowman!
Oh, no! It's snow!
Hey, Rose, you chilling?

Yo, Pumpkin, do I look scarier in lace?
What is this weird stuff, anyway?

Hell, it's too cold! I'm going back down!

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  1. Love it, Lina! And yes, it was pretty freaky in the D.C. area as well. Freaky but lovely and, yes, supernatural in the truest sense of the word.