Friday, November 30, 2012

Off the Beaten Track: The Lost World of Archangels

This week’s Off the Beaten Track contributor is the wonderful Christina Ashcroft. Christina Ashcroft is an ex-pat Brit who now lives in Western Australia with her husband and three children. She is owned by three cats who graciously allow her the occasional spare moment to write hot paranormal romance for Penguin/Berkley Heat. Christina also writes hot historical romances as Christina Phillips for Berkley Heat and Ellora’s Cave.

Thank you Alli and the lovely ladies here at Novel Adventurers for allowing me to take over your blog today!

There are so many places in the world that I’d love to explore – the Pyramids of Egypt, the Roman Colosseum, the Mayan ruins in the Yucatan Peninsula to name just a few. History has always fascinated me and I get ridiculously excited when archaeologists unearth another long buried secret from ancient times.

I’ve also always been fascinated by the myths and legends of a lost continent. What’s not to love about the idea of an ancient civilization that we know next to nothing about? This fascination was fed more than twenty years ago when I read something that pointed to evidence that the pyramids and Sphinx are thousands of years older than we’ve been led to believe.

But is it just a myth? Is it possible that back in the mists of time there really was a technologically advanced civilization, one that could rival our own today, one that had studied the movement of the heavens for countless generations and possessed an understanding of mathematics that we’ve believed was only relatively recently acquired?

And if such a culturally rich civilization did once exist, what happened to it?

When my awesome editor encouraged me to write a new series about sinfully sexy archangels, I was thrilled. I’d had this Alpha Archangel lurking in the back of my mind for years, being all moody and smokily silent and I was dying to discover his secrets. It took a while, but eventually he opened up enough so I could learn of the world of his wild, untroubled youth.

And I discovered that he had lived and loved millennia ago, when a vast and technologically advanced civilization had flourished.

I was delighted that, at last, I would get the chance to explore this mythical world that had haunted my imagination for so many years. I discovered this advanced civilization was inhabited not only by human scholars and archangels but also gods and goddesses and their numerous offspring. But it was a civilization that, for all their great learning and understanding of the celestial cycle of the heavens, carried a devastating burden.

This world of the Archangel Gabriel, where he met and fell in love with his soul mate, vanished long ago. But to me it’s as real as the world I see when I look outside my window. I guess that might seem strange, but to me it’s perfectly normal. I’ve lived inside my imagination ever since I can remember, and sometimes I must admit it’s hard to leave (As my poor family will attest, I am ace at burning dinner because I forgot I put something in the oven!!)

So while I have yet to visit all the wonderful places in the world that are on my never-ending To Do list, the worlds I explore with the help of my muse keep me on my virtual toes. There’s no knowing where I might end up next, such as a decadent sex club in a dodgy sector of the Sextans Galaxy!!!

Archangel of Mercy is the first book in a new series of fallen Archangels and the women who capture their hearts, coming from Berkley Heat on 4th December.

Destined to fall… destined to love

When Aurora Robinson attempts to open a rift between dimensions to embrace her true heritage, an arrogant Archangel is the only one who can save her from the jaws of hell. And while she owes Gabriel her life, she’s determined not to fall at his feet-despite the desire she feels whenever they’re together.

After his wings were brutally destroyed millennia ago, Gabriel has no compassion for humans like those who ruined him and betrayed the ones he loved. But when he inexplicably finds himself defying ancient protocols to rescue a woman from a fate worse than death, he is shocked by the searing attraction he feels for a mortal.
As the ancient forces that seek to punish Aurora for her actions close in, Gabriel offers the tempting woman protection at his private sanctuary. But as they both succumb to their desires, they discover an even deeper connection-one that threatens to consume them.

You can find Christina and her books at:  Christina Ashcroft’s Website, The Book Depository, Barnes & Noble

And now for the giveaway! I have an e-copy of my erotic paranormal romance, FORETASTE OF FOREVER (w/a Christina Phillips) and some gorgeous Archangel swag to giveaway to one lucky commenter. Just leave a comment or let me know what’s your favourite place in the world (or the universe!) and why?


  1. It is so hard to pinpoint one favorite place. I have fallen in love with so many of the places I've been fortunate enough to travel to, from Jaca in the Pyrenees of Spain where I met my now husband, to Switzerland where my ancestors came from, to the Thuringe Wald in Germany & the town of Eisenach where my mom grew up. I love traveling, seeing new places and especially meeting the people who live there. But my heart is truly here in Vermont, the home I always love coming back to, the green hills, maple forests and the independent people who live here with me.

    1. Hi Marianna,

      How wonderful to be able to travel to where your ancestors came from, and how romantic to meet your husband in the Pyrenees! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. I like Italy for the food.


    1. Hi bn100,

      Oh yes! Love Italian food. Love Italian men, too :-)

  3. Thanks for visiting us again, Christina. It's always lovely having you stop by! Buenos Aires, hands down is my favourite place but Mendoza (Argentina) is a close second. Don't get me started, my list would run on forever!

    1. Hi Alli! thank you so much for having me over again :-)

      LOL that's the trouble with traveling, the list never ends!!

  4. Well, I would love to go back to Ireland and visit Scotland...But I have always wanted to go to Tahiti(or somewhere like it). Lovely room on the beach, relax and read, read, read..swim too! LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Hi Kimberley,

      I'd love to go go back to Ireland, we went when I was a child and had a horse drawn caravan holiday - so much fun! (though I was so young I don't remember much about it!) And I would love to spend New Year in Scotland with snow and a roaring fire (and possibly a gorgeous Scot too... just for research purposes...)

  5. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post with us, Christina! I can't wait to read your new book. It's hard to pick a favorite place - I keep changing my mind. But today, I'd say it's Isfahan, Iran, because of the beautiful architecture and rich history. I'd also like to visit Middle-Earth. After Sauron is vanquished, of course. The Shire would be my first stop. I hear those hobbits throw a good party.

  6. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for having me back! and oh yes I have to agree, Middle Earth would be awesome to visit. Sure to be plenty of yummy food with the hobbits!!!

  7. I have always dreamed of visiting Egypt, Scotland, and Tahiti as well, but haven't had the chance to make it to any of them yet. One of my favorite destinations is probably a little dot of a village on the western coast of India, a town surrounded by pristine, quiet beaches, palm trees, and views of fishermen and forested hills. My to-visit list is growing though... thanks for sharing your own journey with us.

  8. HiSupriya,

    I love the sound of the village you describe. It sounds completely beautiful! I know what you mean about how the to-visit list keeps growing :-)

  9. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your new series, Christina. What a great concept!