Lina Zeldovich

Lina Zeldovich wrote in Russian the first half of her life and in English thereafter. She has published many short stories, travel articles, theater reviews, and a poetry book, Little Harlot. Lina won three Writer’s Digest awards, the latest one for a memoir story, First They Broke My Back, which will appear in the Writer’s Digest 2010 Collection. She is looking for a home for her four novels that she hopes will make a bestselling list – preferably The New York Times! Her new novel, Death by Scheherazade’s Veil, is a belly dancing murder mystery.  

When Lina is not plotting yet another crime, she writes plays, produces indie films, and reads her works at the NYC open mikes. Her other passions are traveling off the beaten path, all things poisonous and, of course, belly dancing!


  1. Congrats on all the awards, Lina. I am looking forward to reading your memoir story. And I have no doubt you will one day make the best seller list. :)

  2. Hello,

    I am really hoping that you can help me. I have a wonderful etching that I've been told is titled something like "A Boy and a Snake". There is a story beneath the artist's drawing and it says that this boy was trying to catch an eel but caught a snake instead. The snake then said to the boy something like "Stupid boy, this time you're lucky because God has saved you and I won't bite you but next time be careful and know with whom you are joking."

    Again, that was how it was translated for me. Not sure how exact that is. If you would like to see the picture, I'd be glad to send you a photo of it.

    What I was told, though, is that this is probably a Russian folk story. I've been trying to find one that fits this picture and these words and have not had any luck.

    Ultimately, I would like to discover whether this etching is actually based on a folk tale and maybe someday be able to learn who the artist is.

    Thank you for any help!

  3. Hi Bev,
    I'll be happy to look at it - maybe you can send me a picture? How do I get in touch with you?

  4. Just saw your post about smetana. Is there any way that you know of to get the real smetana in the USA? I've found a variety of recipes combining American sour cream, yogurt, whipping cream...but we would love the real thing! One of our favorite and most memorable cuisines on our visit to Russia/Ukraine. My son lived in Ukraine for 2 years and still dreams of smetana on every kind of food...Thanks!