Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Supriya’s Favorite Things

Oh, this is HARD! Where to begin… J

In no particular order…

The holidays! Gosh, I luv this time of year. And this year in particular, because preceding Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, there’s a whole slew of lovely Indian festivals, such as Navratri and Diwali, that we’ve just started celebrating, and in grand style too. It’s been non-stop partying this season, though we haven’t had a moment to catch our breath. As it should be, right?

My family, including my precious hubby, who at 11 p.m. is digging for material our nine-year-old daughter needs at school by 6 a.m. tomorrow. The brilliant witticisms said daughter comes up with at the tip of her tongue on an hourly basis. That she asked Santa if he was related to the tooth fairy. That she is my real-life Hugo Cabret, inventing and tinkering and making blueprints. And our other daughter, all of six, who when asked to put on her shoes before school, performs a rap song about “rules, rules, rules” that she makes up at the spur of the moment. Who, when brushing her teeth, hears music. Love them!

Books, lots of books. Being surrounded by books. Swimming in books. Having endless hours to read and soak up well-strung words and ideas that transport me to new places and perspectives. This month, Jo Nesbo, Miyuki Miyabe, Helen Simonson, and Tin Tin.

Food. Cooking for friends and family. Trying out new recipes. Learning something new about ourselves and other cultures through their cuisine. We’ll be entertaining this Thursday, which happens to be Shabeh Yalda. As maybe you did too, I learned about this ancient winter solstice celebration through Heidi, and I’m adopting it. I’m cooking our favorite Persian stew for dinner, then we’ll eat pomegranates and watermelon while reading poetry aloud around the fire. (Shhh, don’t tell our husbands the part about the poetry. It’ll send them running, even with the addition of fine wine.) We’ll read bits of the traditional Rumi and Hafiz, as well as some Shel Silverstein and possibly a little T.S. Eliot.

Being surrounded by good people. It took me time to recognize so many of them in my crowded life, but now that I have, I’m awed by my great fortune and will make sure to appreciate them all year round.

Writing. When it flows. Er, to be continued...

Meanwhile, we hope you're enjoying your favorite people and activities as well, now and into the new year. 

Happy holidays to one and all!


  1. And Merry Holidays to you and Heidi, Alili, Patricia, Edith and Lina. One of my favourite things I discovered this year is your blog. Don't always have the time to post my comments, but you all have the gift to open new doors for me to explore. Precious and priceless! Thank you!

  2. Supriya, what a lovely list. I especially love seeing that little picture of your family. How delightful.

    I'm following Heidi's lead in eating pomegranates for the solstice. I'm adding some special salami, and a glass of Italian bubbly.

    And Miss Juliette, thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh, Miss Juliette, you've just made our day! Thanks so much for your very kind words. I should add that another of my favorites are our readers -- the smartest, nicest folks on earth, and with such great taste. ;)

    Patricia, I just discovered that solstice is actually tonight, not tomorrow, but we've already laid out the plans to celebrate tomorrow. And funny, I'm adding the same items to my menu. Cheers, and happy solstice to you!

  4. You have a paid of lovely, clever girls, Supriya. I bet they keep you on your toes. I also appreciate books and the opportunity to read them at this time of year. Most of the time, I have about 30 minutes before I fall asleep at night, so it feels like a luxury.

    Miss Juliette, thanks so much for your kind words about our blog! So glad you enjoy it.

  5. It is truly a wonderful time of the year!!! Love Rumi and Eliot,pomegranates, fine wine and being surrounded by wonderful people, will have to Google Hafiz and Shel Silverstein in between catching up on my reading over this long weekend!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!!