Thursday, September 15, 2011

Amita: A Brooklyn Center For Healing

Started by Tatyana Yakovleva, a healer and acupuncturist well-known in the New York Russian community for her alternative treatment methods, Amita Healing Center is more than a holistic clinic but a world of its own.

Unlike typical doctors’ offices, Amita doesn’t run standard tests followed by prescription drugs. No blood is drawn and no shots administered. Contrary to traditional diagnostics methods that take weeks, here patients discover their bodies’ medical status within an hour. Often problems manifest themselves in non-typical ways, masking root causes. Stomach problems can be caused by liver malfunction while shortness of breath may have nothing to do with one’s heart but rather one’s thyroid gland. The traditional practitioners often treat an issue in isolation,” Tatyana explains her healing philosophy. “We get to the root cause.”

Tatyana uses a computer-based diagnostics, Orion Bioscan, a device that analyzes, evaluates and treats a human body at the molecular level. Through a simple array of sensors, Orion reads the organs’ biological conditions by measuring the body’s magnetic fields and the wave characteristics emitted by tissues and cells. Similar to an MRI, it generates a picture displaying the problems, some of which can be corrected with Orion’s electromagnetic therapy. Others require homeopathic treatments, the effectiveness of which can be verified by Orion as well.   

In 1997, Tatyana left behind a well-established holistic practice in Russia and came to America with her husband, a nuclear scientist who signed a three-month contract in Washington DC. When the contract turned permanent, she realized she was here to stay. She was neither fluent in English nor had an American medical degree. Besides taking English classes and legalize a gamut of diplomas, she faced a dilemma of what side of medical science to pursue. The traditional medicine offered an easier path to an established profession. The alternative was an unknown route. But Tatyana felt that an MD diploma limited her in her choices.   

“An MD is obligated to treat a patient a certain way or she may lose her license,” Tatyana says. “If a depression patient complains Prozac isn’t helping, I’d have to put him on another anti-depressant even with potentially dangerous side-effects. The same is true about chronic pain condition. Meanwhile, depression and chronic pains improve drastically with the combination of Orion techniques and homeopathy.”

Tatyana received her degree in acupuncture and alternative medicine from The New York Institute of Chinese Medicine in Mineola, Long Island. She is a Reiki master who completed numerous professional classes, certificate programs, and Orion Bioscan specialty training. After working in several alternative medicine clinics, she opened Amita in 2008, envisioning it expanding into a center of self-healing. “I wanted to spread the knowledge about solutions to pains and problems that harrow people for years,” Tatyana says. “I wanted to educate people on how to help themselves through various bio-energy techniques.” At Amita, patients can learn Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and join a support group.

Beauty plays an important role in Amita’s mission. A similar bio-approach is used for a painless alternative to surgical face-lifting: a Micro-Current rejuvenation technique that stimulates the skin and muscles, resulting in increased blood circulation and collagen production. Coupled with toxin drainage, it reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

“While we certainly concentrate on the inner beauty a lot, a good-looking person feels more upbeat and self-confident,” Tatyana says. “When my patients leave relieved, rejuvenated and full of energy, I’m happy.  I love making people feel as good as they look. And vice versa.”

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